A call for words & passion at the border

When we militarize our borders, we militarize our imaginations.

in unity is strength

This is a call for writers, for thinkers, for raza, for gringotes, for all of us. This Saturday, April 9, there will be a Binational Poetry Reading Across the Wall just outside of Naco. I believe that border issues along with water are the two most critical sets of issues in this half of the United States, and this is the front lines. I'm leading a caravan from Flagstaff, Arizona all the way to the wall, filled with voces and passion unparalleled. Join us.

...no one is ever expected to notice. The border is a breath caged in steel, created with the movement of a pen, drunk, violent across parchment, never mind that it was almost illegal, this line drawn across footprints...

News Release

For Immediate Release March 29, 2005 Contacts: Bisbee: Angelika Johnson: ***.***.**** Tucson: Kat Rodriguez, Derechos Humanos: ***.****.**** COMMUNITY GROUPS JOIN TOGETHER FOR APRIL UNITY EVENTS

(Arizona-Sonora)—Community groups have joined together in an effort to promote unity and peace on the border for the month of April in response to an increased anti-immigrant sentiment and presence in border communities. In particular the Minuteman Project, which promises to bring hundreds of outsiders, who know nothing about the region, into Arizona border communities, presents a disturbing development, especially for migrants and local residents.

The April Unity Events are a collaborative effort of Borderlinks, Citizens for Border Solutions, Coalición de Derechos Humanos/Alianza Indígena Sin Fronteras, Healing Our Borders, No More Deaths, Women in Black – Bisbee, and Frontera de Cristo, and will consist of a month of binational, nonviolent community activities.

These events include: April 2, 1pm: Women in Black Vigil in Naco, Arizona April 9, 4pm: Binational Poetry Reading Across the Wall at the Naco/Naco border April 17, 5pm: Interfaith Vigil Service at the Naco/Naco border April 24, 4pm: Volleyball Over the border at the Naco/Naco border April 30, 3pm: Unity Celebration to be held in Naco, Sonora

“Community members wish to promote the message that the majority of Arizonans are committed to a peaceful and unified border community,” states Father Bob Carney of Healing Our Borders. “We have joined together to work for justice along the U.S.-México border.”

The activities, which are interfaith and open to the public, are intended to celebrate the diversity and solidarity of those who live on the border. The April Unity Events, which will include participation from the Sonora side of the border, are open to any individual or group that is committed to nonviolence, peace, and just border policies. Complete logistics, details, directions, and sponsors of the events are available at: http://www.derechoshumanosaz.net/aprilunity2005.htm.

Many thanks to Liz for finding this press release and giving me a lesson in Googology.