Words at the wall!?

The Minuteman Project offically kicked off on Friday in Tombstone. It's ironic and sad that this is what my home is receiving international recognition for. "Southern Arizona? Oh, ain't that where the vigilantes were on the border a few years ago?" We'll see about that:

From the Sierra Vista Herald, 26 March 2005 in an article titled "Locals plan to counter minutemen," describing the anti-Minutemen activities planned:

Angelica Johnson said residents in response to the project will have a vigil at the border, a poetry reading at the wall on borth sides of the border, a volleyball game in Naco, Sonora, an interfaith vigil and a fiesta. (italics mine)

So now it's on. The article proclaims that Naco, AZ and Naco, Sonora residents have declared this April "a month of unity," but it doesn't mention where or when these events are to be held.

Tengo que ir y traer mis palabras a esta lucha mía. I must find out when this is. So far I've been working frantically to find Angelica Johnson's email address or better, her phone number. From searching around a bit, the newspaper may have gotten the spelling wrong on her name, it may be Angelika Johnson. If anyone has any information, por favor dime.

I will drop anything, everything to read at this event. And I'm bringing y'all with me. Andale pues.