Dom Flemons in His Element

One of my favorite things to see is my friends being successful at what they love to do. Hopefully this post will be the first in a series giving props to the people who I respect and helping publicize their various projects.

Dom Flemons cover

So, first up, none other than Dom Flemons.

I met Dom my Freshman year at Northern Arizona University at a campus poetry slam. He had just started slamming as well but had quickly become the unchallenged diva, due to his huge personality, hilarious writing and stage experience. We were teammates on our first two poetry teams the following year, at the 2002 National Collegiate Poetry Slam in Cleveland and the 2002 National Poetry Slam in Minneapolis.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of being his friend, listening to his music, arguing with him about everything under the sun, and just generally watching his afro and talent grow larger and larger. I've designed his last four self-released CD's, the cover of one is on the right.

Now, Dom has left Flagstaff and has found himself right where he needs to be. He's one third of the rockin' Sankofa Strings, a "african-american string band" that is quickly gaining attention. I remember telling Dom years ago that while his solo performances were epic, a band was the way to go for him. I mention that now not because I had anything to do with Sankofa Strings, but just to rub it in, should he read this, sucka.

Flagstaff's NPR affiliate, KNAU interviewed the band when they were in the area recently. Listen to the interview, it makes me beam.

This is happy fate.