Me voy al sur / Last chance for merch

Hello ciberlandía, Well, my time in the States is coming to an end once again. In the first few days of 2006 I will be leaving to southern México as the beginning of a long period of traveling. There's lots of destinations on the itinerary this time, but nothing is set in stone. I'll be writing regular dispatches here, so the website will probably begin to be updated much more frequently than it has been the last few months.

I'll be returning to the US in late March for a three-month-long poetry tour of the southwest, midwest and Cali. Soon the dates of that tour will be online on the Next Show page, keep an eye out as the months go on, I'll probably be coming to see you soon.

Related to all of that, if you've ever thought about buying anything off the site, such as a high-quality book, the new CD, or an awesome t-shirt now is the time to buy merch. Since I do the shipping myself, I will be taking down the merch section just before I leave the country. The last day for ordering merch will be Monday, 21 december.

Be well, you'll be hearing from me.