radio habana

Recorded in early marzo in la Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba as part of the Ambient Mixtape Project, I give you the Cuban airwaves.

Most of these sounds can't be found anywhere off the island. What you'll find here may or may not interest you. If you're into linguistics you'll dig the accents, if you like music there's a good variety here, if you're into politics you'll get a chance to hear some first-rate propaganda, if you're curious I hope you won't be disappointed.

I'm still working on importing all of the audio I recorded, though I'm finished with the radio sections now and thought they deserved to be heard. If you're curious but not patient, wait for the mixtape, as most of the good stuff will also appear on there. Enjoy and let me know what you like.

These files are large. All are available as 96kbs mp3 files.

  • A.M. 1 15.1mb 21:59 By nature of it being AM radio, some of this is a little sketchy as far as quality. But remember, perfection ain't the goal. I run more or less through the dial on this one. A couple full songs, some better than others depending on what you like. A long and somewhat strange discussion about the importance of the horse in the history of people. A very misplaced American country rock song.
  • A.M. 2 12.2mb 17:41 Information on people willing to swap casas (as selling or buying them is illegal in Cuba). Some cuts from a few different songs. Radio Rebelde. Los titulares, news of the day. An errant ESPN signal. About five minutes of novela. A weak Radio Reloj signal broadcasting news of the Iraq war. Ending with some good propaganda.
  • Canciones 19.5mb 28:22 We begin with some more novela. Sometimes iffy quality. Trova, salsa, free jazz, disco. Radio Progreso. "La Onda de la Alegria, Cadena Nacional." The last few minutes are the best, if you ask me. Yes, including the shitty disco.
  • La Voz de Fidel 1.1mb 1:33 What can only be Fidel speaking over the airwaves. Listen to this man's voice and then decide for yourself how much longer you think he'll be around...
  • Radio Reloj 1 9.3mb 13:34 My favorite station, Radio Reloj, Clock Radio, with news and info thrown in as the seconds tick by in the background. Discussion of linguistics. International day of the Woman. Sports. The illegal base of Guantanamo.
  • Radio Reloj 2 5.4mb 7:51 Venezuela. Música Cubana. And a lot more. Enjoy.