Santa Fe, NM: Paul White Party

In the village of Chupadero, a rural setting on the river about 20 minutes north of Santa Fe and close to the village of Tesuque: a feature at the house of Paul White for one of his infamous parties. Directions From Santa Fe * -Head north on Highway 285 (Saint Francis drive turns into route 285 after last stop light in Santa Fe). -About 5-7 miles north of the last stop light in Santa Fe take the Tesuque exit to the right, go about 2 1/2 miles (2.5 miles) (halfway is the Tesuque Village Market, go straight past it). -Turn right on route 592. Follow twists and turns on route 592 for four and one half miles (note; at 3 1/2 miles there is a stop sign, do not go straight on the dirt road at this juncture, 592 continues to left). -When you have gone 4 1/2 miles (4.5 miles) on Route 592 turn left at the street sign "Camino Chupadero", (also known as County road 78) go nine tenths mile (0.9 mile), there is an old plank wood fence on left (not a coyote fence), then four white mailboxes at end of fence marked 92ABC (note; there is a big metal electric pole on right side of road across from driveway, new plank wood fence on left is too far, dead end is way too far) slow down, the driveway is hidden. ** -Go left immediately after the mailboxes down paved driveway, take a sharp right at bottom to dirt driveway.

Directions from North (Espanola and Pojoaque); -Heading south on Highway 285 take the north exit to Tesuque, (CR 73 south). This is before the Opera and Flea Market exit. -When you are on CR 73 go about 1 mile and take Route 592 to the left, follow directions above for RT. 592. *Alternate route from Santa Fe; Instead of taking the first Tesuque exit continue north on Highway 285 (past the flea market exit) to the north Tesuque exit which says South CR 73, take extremely sharp right at bottom of ramp, go 3/10 mile then left on RT. 592, this exit is faster by about 2 minutes but longer. **If your odometer measures tenths of mile it is helpful to use it. **Route 592 and Camino Chupadero are paved roads all the way. Phone; 505-988-1082