2006 NORAZ Grand Slam

For you Northern Arizona cats: the 2006 NORAZ Poets Grand Slam is coming up this weekend. This will be the first time in four years that I won't be competing, but I'm wishing I could attend. Why? Besides the locals bringing the stinging Awesome, the feature is Derrick Brown, who is probably my favorite living poet / performer, bar none. He used to be a weatherman in Flagstaff. He's worth the admission price (or double as much) all by himself. So go. More info: The 2006 NORAZ Poetry Grand Slam, Sunday, April 30. Tickets Available in Sedona at The Well Red Coyote Book Store!

It's coming! The moment we've all been waiting for. The Grand Slam held each year at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Flagstaff.

Doors open at 6:30pm, Show starts at 7pm!!

All proceeds go to helping get our new team to Austin, Tx and back for this years National Poetry Slam!!

This years host was last years Grand Slam Champion, Mr.Lane!

This years featured poet? None other than NAU graduate Derrick Brown!

The night will consist of ten poets competing for the coveted honor of being one of the five members of the 2006 National Poetry Slam Team representing Northern Arizona at the National Poetry Slam help this August in Austin, Tx.

Rowie Shabala Greg Nix Meghan Jones Christopher Fox Graham Aaron Johnson John Kofonow Al Moyer Justin Powel Lindsay Chamberlain and Patrick DuHaime

All will duke it out for an evening you'll never forget!

And you don't have any execuse's to not be there because tickets are even cheaper than last year.

$8 in advance, $7 for students by calling the Orpheum Theatre @ 928.556.1580! Or just go by these locations to buy a few:

The Well Red Coyote Book Store in Sedona Animas Trading Co. in Flagstaff Rainbows End in Flagstaff Gopher Sounds Orpheum Theatre Box Office in Flagstaff