Listen to this Now


In honor of today's May Day events, I'm posting an audio file online that I'd like you to listen to.

Variations on Thirst: "And I Walked..." 6:06, 7mb

This is a radio story produced by Kara Oehler and Anne Hepperman, two talented friends of mine from the Flagstaff days. The story debuted at the Third Coast International Audio Festival as a shortdoc in a few years ago, the theme that year was "thirst." It is narrarated by Charles Bowden, a well-known hombre fronterizo. More of his work can be found in this series of stories.

In these days of debate, we must remember that desperate people will always do desperate things. If it was your children who didn't have enough to eat, you'd cross a desert too. It's time for immigration reform based on this reality. It's time to remember the human face of the "issue." Thanks to Kara for permission to post the story here.