I've Sold Out.

As the 2006 tour winds down, a glance at the infamous Merch Crate tells me this: it’s been a successful trip. Over the last two months, 8,000 miles, five states and 30+ shows, I’ve sold out of every single bit of merch that I had. After two printings and over 400 copies, the book Sun Said Shine is officially gone. There are no plans for another printing, I’d rather spend the money on the next book, whose working title is “This Line Drawn Across Footprints.” The manuscript is finished, Pedro Dia has returned to illustrate, I’ve just lacked the time and finances to put it out. It will happen, this time with more proof reading. The CD Fourteen Ways to Move the Tongue is gone after 100 copies. Likewise with La Calaca T-shirt, a big box of 100 shirts is now one shirt: mine. There might be more CD’s, but that particular shirt is done.

Thanks to everyone who has passed me some money in exchange for any of the above. It means more than you could imagine, and I have no one but you to thank for supporting me during my first four months as a ‘professional’ poet. I promise I didn’t blow all of it on booze. Yet.

Don’t forget though, you can always

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