New Poems Online

I've decided to post some older poems online finally. Most people who have seen me perform over the last couple years are probably familiar with these, but I haven't ever posted them here because I was saving them for my third chapbook. That chapbook never went to press before I ended up heading for Mexico full-time, and it probably won't see the light until at least Abril 2007 at this point. So I thought it's about time they made it here, better than them just sitting on my hard drive.

All three have been published in various anthologies and poetry publications over the last year. And here's a snapshot from last night in Cuernavaca:

Names for This

You Lightning-Flasher, Shirt-Raiser, lack-of-control Power Blinker, toss the trees around like wet cotton candy, they're drunk marionettes, Power Cutter, Bed Rumbler. The night is a black-eye disco, and you're a violent drunk, Night Storm. Drenching dreams, nowhere to go but right on top of us, roof Slam-Dancer, Sky-Splitter Night Light, Gutter-Deifier, Waterfall-Caller tumbling down window panes, Door-Groper, puddle on the tile. The nosleepers are listening to you, Tomorrow-Maker, Midnight Rumbler. Sharp clouds and nosleep, yer no quitter, Kid, Mountain Bowler, cement puddles, a mud romance.

The clock blinking 12:00 in fear of You.