Website update

Hello internet world. Regular readers of the site will notice that I've tweaked a few things in the layout, especially in the sidebar on the left. I haven't been adding much writing lately, but I've done some major upgrades to the site in the background. I've finally upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, the open-source engine that runs this site. In doing so, I've been able to add some cool new features, including:

  • Archive! After close to three years, some of my older writing has gottten hard to find. So I created a neat-o archive page.
  • Subscribe! You can now subscribe to, recieving an email every time I post new writing. Good for those with a seething internet addiction.
  • Fotos! I've taken about 1700 fotos this year alone. Finally I have a good quality gallery set up. The layout is still a bit rough, but the mechanics work. Check out new fotos (music and video too!) from Cuba, Guatemala, Cuernavaca, Spain, France, and more!

Still on the to-do list are a few major projects such as making the site 100% bilingual. Since I'm speaking mostly in Spanish these days, and my writing and reading have taken another major turn in that direction, it only makes sense. We'll see when I have enough time to dedicate to that... after learning how to be a elementary school teacher, professional translator, English tutor and getting my legal working visa.

Pronto me gustaría tener un sitio totalmente bilingüe. Hablo habitualmente en español y escribo mucho de México, y por eso todo debe estar en inglés y español a la vez. Este cambio será medio complicado, entonces lo haré cuando tengo suficiente tiempo libre... después de aprender como ser maestro de primaria, traductor professional, maestro particular de inglés y tener mi FM-3. Gracias por la paciencia.

So yes. Nerd time abounds this beautiful Saturday in central Mexico. More writing soon. I promise. I also want to thank John R. Kofonow again for continuing to generously host this site! You rock like igneous, buddy!