Summer tour 2007! NYC! ABQ! FLG! Oh my!

Hello lovers & fighters, apes & lizards, Good news. I'll be back in the States for six weeks this summer, performing in Arizona and New Mexico on my way to spread the word about Mexican poetry slam at the 2007 National Poetry Slam! This means that I will get a chance to see a lot of people whom I haven't seen in awhile. This makes me excited like a Neanderthal going camping.

Also, I have the chance to be in NYC for ten days in July! I have never been before, and am looking forward to it. They tell me that after Mexico City, NYC shouldn't be a problem. We'll see. I have a few dates booked, but I am looking for contacts in New York. If you know of anyone involved in poetry and / or performance & video, please help me out! I could really use it.

The gigs page is now back in action and is filling up with dates. If you know of an event that I should check out in any of the below places, please don't keep it to yourself, luva.

July 1-7: Northern Arizona / Phoenix July 8-18: NYC July: 19-25: Southern Arizona / Tucson / Bisbee (?) July 26-August 4: New Mexico / Albuquerque / Santa Fe August 4-11: Austin, TX, 2007 National Poetry Slam.

See you soon?