Everything is green and wet outside the train windows. Typical weather for Cornwall, they're telling me. I'm four hours into a five-hour train trip from London, on my way to the TipofyourTongue Festival where I’ll be for the next week. “A far way to come for just a week,” a woman on the train just told me. She’s right. But oh-so worth it. This trip has been some fourteen months in the making, and it’s hard to believe I’m an hour from Penzance. The end of the train line. Home of the fest.

I’ve successfully smuggled fifty copies of the first Verbobala Spoken Video DVD into the UK. Luckily my bag wasn’t checked, and I didn’t have to try to explain a MÉX-USA videoetry collective to a bored Customs cop. Moisés and I went into one of our now-familiar VSV work binges to pull together the DVD in time for TipofyourTongue, and I’m happy and grateful that it turned out.

Four hour flight, MEX-DFW Three hour layover, DFW Seven hour flight, DFW-LGW Five hour train ride, Paddington-Penzance

Not to mention the waiting and the rush, the cat-naps and the free booze (I highly recommend Mexican airlines for their generousity). Here’s my schedule, should you be in Cornwall this week:

Thursday, October 18th: The Exchange Verbobala Spoken Video performance / installation The last performance of VSV without Moi and Adam, and my first foto exhibition ever!

Friday, October 19th 7:30pm: Acorn Arts Centre Solo poetry performance.

Saturday, October 20th 10am: Penzance Arts Club The Words Between Your Teeth Master class performance workshop focusing on the linguistics and theatre of performance poetry.

Saturday, October 20th 7pm: Acorn Arts Centre MCing a night show.

I’m very excited to see and be a part of all this... more soon!