ARROYO INK now for sale online!

Ok, this is it! After a couple years of poetry, a few months of preparations and a few weeks of pulling things together, my new book Arroyo Ink is now for sale online!

I'm excited about this one, I think this is the best work I've put into print so far. It's the fifth in the series of chapbooks that I have released since 2002, and like the rest of them, this is a hand-crafted, independently-produced piece of work. It also has strange illustrations in it drawn by myself and Adam Cooper-Terán. The illustrations are all based on remixed letterforms and will keep your eyes oh-so entertained.

I'm selling the books for $10, plus a couple bux for shipping. All purchases are handled by PayPal, which is a secure online payment company owned by eBay. 100% secure, not to worry. I know times are lean for everybody, but if you are able to plop down some virtual dollars, I'd love to put a book in the mail to you. I appreciate it.

The US book release performance was a couple weeks back in Bisbee, AZ, and it was more than I could have hoped for. Video art showcase, introduction by Adam Cooper-Terán, an hour-long performance of new poems and a reception featuring a showing of the fine art prints from the book. For all those who couldn't be there, here's the goods! Hopefully I'll be touring a lot in the coming year, but until then:

    Now available:

  • Arroyo Ink book
  • Illustrated postcards
  • Fine art prints (limited editions!)

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