DJ dirtyverbs, roots cumbia n bass

I know I owe the world an update, and multiple promises have been made to get this website more lively again. Here's what's on my mind, taken in part from an email I just wrote to my friend (and powerful poet) Jasmine Sena from Burque: Things are bananas here. I've started DJ'ing parties with this soundsystem sideproject we have going: my hermano Moisés (of Verbobala fame), a Boris Dulon from Argentina (BOROBROS // VSV stage manager // CuernaSlam DJ // psycho-yogi) and I. The idea's based on the Jamaican soundsystems of the 70's, or the early hip-hop MC / DJ combo, or the sonidero idea out of Monterrey. I specialize in cumbia, this kickin dance music originally from Colombia, the other guys do roots reggae and drum 'n bass. It is hot. You should see what happens to a party when we go on at about 3am.

The official drink of the as-of-yet unnamed soundsystem is mezcal con café. If we haven't had a chance to sit down with a bottle of mezcal, hopefully we will soon. I first encountered the stuff in Querétaro, where my compa Craig would buy a half-liter of the cheapest incarnation possible along with a 2-liter Coke. A fourth of the Coke goes down the drain, two bottles become one, and the gringo goes by undetected. Later, in Oaxaca, I found the stuff sold in recycled salsa bottles with handpainted labels and a slice of maguey cactus inside. Time has passed, tastes refined, and if you want to get a party jumping, the recipe is simple: café de olla, chocolate con canela y azúcar, mezcal... y cumbia.

Moi's birthday is coming up later this month, and we'll be playing there. JIUTEPUNK, cumbia hasta lunes. I'd love to record the set and make it available as a podcast. I don't think these words will make much sense without a cumbia beat behind them. Lately, all the days have had a cumbia beat behind them.

Meanwhile, weekdays, I'm finishing up teaching English literature and advanced translation...

Coming soon... Verbobala spring 2008 US tour... DJ'ing and solo gigs on the side, hit me up to plan something!