Into the Two-Thousand-Great

Well chavos, we're on the other side. 2008 already feels different, doesn't it? It feels great. As do this year's rhyming opportunities. Don't be late. Or irate. I'm in Arizona on vacation. Basically been AWOL for the last month. Sleeping, riding my bike, hiking, meditating. Trying to catch up with myself after an autumn that kept me running for months straight. Verbobala is taking off, and I didn't have much time to dedicate to this site or Radio Dirtyverbs or many other side projects. That will be different in 2008, as I'm giving up being a professor for now. Time for going full-time again.

Adam is coming back to Cuernavaca with me, and we'll be entering a 40 day residency at my place with Moisés. The idea is to develop an entirely new, hour-long show, which we'll be taking on the road off and on throughout the year with Verbobala. I'll be on the road a lot throughout the year. I'd love to come to whereever you're living. Let me know if you have ideas.

Some random things:

  • New and old poems online, previously only available to people who shelled out the clams for a book (I love them people)

    The Boy's Pockets Arizona Freeway Sunrise Arnold Duncan Doesn't Live Here Tell Me You'll Never See Her Again I Confuse the Dead Man, Michael's Fever

  • Slam Revolution, a great new documentary about the worldwide poetry slam movement by Rolf S. Wolkenstein. They were in New York City at the same time I was last summer, and I make an appearance in the first few minutes of the film. Cool stuff, watch it online here, or below.
  • Spoken Circus trailer. We just finished it this morning. Spoken Circus will be Verbobala's tour partner for the fall '08 US university tour.
  • I had the blessing of ringing in this here TwoThousandGreat by helping out my friends Flam Chen with a show in Bisbee, AZ. They're heros of mine, and it was amazing to see them make several hundred people scream for minutes on end. They're professionals at that. I also got to spend some of the first minutes of the new year flying above Brewery Gulch on those balloons. Coolest thing I've done so far this year. Check it out: