MC Ewor

Ewor es entre mis favoritos poetas de la Cd. de México, y además es de los mejores freestyleros que he visto jamás. Y si eso fuera poco, sus hablidades con el beatbox mejoran constantamente. Él es el MC principal de nuestro Sonidero Verbobala, aunque hasta ahora sólo nos ha podido acompañar en nuestras tocadas chilangas. Acabo de salir esta entrevista que hizo el con una radio cultural del DF, que lo disfrutes. Ewor is among my favorite poets from Mexico City, and also happens to be one of the best freestyle rappers I have ever seen in any language. And if that wasn't enough, his beatbox skills are always on the increase. He is the principal MC of our group Sonidero Verbobala, although as of the moment he's only been able to play with us at our Mexico City shows. Here's a new interview that he did for an arts & culture radio program, I hope you like it.

Dom Flemons youtube blowout

It is time, amigos, for a new Dom Flemons post. Three years ago I wrote about him when he had just made the big move Out East. Now, I'm happy to report that Dom is continuing with his Conquest of the World. With his current band, Carolina Chocolate Drops, he is touring the world. Word has it he's Big In Europe, which he should be. I just caught up with him in NYC, where we ate some slices and he played old accordion. Then, back in his room, he played Peruvian-style wind pipes with blues guitar. The kid is wild, and the kid is going to blow up. It inspired me to dig out some old video of him I shot at his request back in 2004. I was renting a room in a small house in Flagstaff, I sat him down, got creative with the lighting, and let the borrowed camera roll. Back then (way oh so back then in 2004) there was no YouTube, except for those real, organic, gooey tubes of yours. So I sat on the video. Until now (cue drums).

Here's Dom. There's more here.