Intimate Performance & Discussion in Tucson

Hello world. I'm going to be participating in an interesting event tomorrow night in Tucson... it's not exactly a public performance, but if you're reading this website in time, consider yourself invited! Casa Libre is an amazing place, and the Salon helps keep it that way! I'm looking forward to it very much.

Dear artist,

Our next Wednesday Night Salon at Casa Libre is one week away! Join us on January 27, from 5:00 to 7:00, as poet Logan Phillips leads off the evening discussing performance as ink: how does a performer choose, in the creative moment, from the wealth of languages available to him? What if a poem is better written in video? Why does one poem come out in Spanish and another in English?

A committed spoken-word artist, collaborator, teacher, and mixer of sound from the border, Logan approaches these questions time and again through his performance practice. He has learned to trust uncertainty and embrace the realm of total possibility, where a poem might require voice, ink, paint, gesture, or dance in the context of a given moment. Logan is author of the chapbook Arroyo Ink, cofounder of multimedia performance collective Verbobala, and was cohost of the first national Mexican poetry slam in 2007. Find out more at his Web site:

As always, our Wednesday Night Salon will be potluck. We have a lot to celebrate in our first Salon of the new year. 2010 marks Casa Libre's seventh year providing creative space and inspiration for writers and artists, local and national. Hats off to Casa Libre and all the hard-working, dedicated people who have kept it going! Let's raise a glass next Wednesday in thanks for this amazing oasis.

Art exhibition in Tucson

I'm a little late in posting about this, but I wanted to get it out there anyway. For the very first time I am showing work in a juried art exhibition! The gallery is a great space called Raices Taller 222 run by a well-organized group of artists in Tucson's warehouse district. The name of the exhibition is "¡Chubasco!," an annual event they do on the monsoons. I'm showing some of the prints from Arroyo Ink (still for sale online!), many of which have to do with the cosmic grit of mi tierra:

The exhibition opening was last weekend, but the work will be up through September 12th, and there is another reception this coming weekend for the 1st Saturday Artwalk. I saw a bit of the other artists' work before I left Arizona, if you're in town it is very worth stopping by to see this! Check below for an email from the gallery.

Hello Monsoon Artists,

We want to thank you for participating in our monsoon exhibition "¡Chubasco!", which opened last night. Opening night was awesome, our unscientific manual head count at our most crowded was just about 200 visitors! We recieved lots of positive feedback from our regular patrons as well as from our new visitors. Lots of comments on the beautiful artwork and the great atmosphere they encountered at the gallery.

Contributing to the great atmosphere was the exciting drumming by local musicians Ashatari, Carlos, Donato, Bubba, Vitas & Darius, who treated us to drumming from Brazil, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Earlier in the day, we had contacted a couple of the drummers to see if a they were available to perform at the opening. They totally pulled it together by showing up with all 6 drummers! Thank you guys for a great performance!

If you missed the opening, you have another chance to attend another big event at the gallery next Saturday. Saturday August 1, 2009, is 1ST SATURDAY. This very well attended monthly event sponsored by CTGA (Central Tucson Gallery Association), of which we are founding members, gives us another chance to open our doors to the community, along with other galleries on 6th street and the surrounding downtown Tucson art district. Visit CTGA at for all the info. Bring friends & family and enjoy another great evening on Saturday, we will be open from 7 - 10 PM.

Once again, thank you all and we hope to see you on Saturday!

1st Saturday Sat. August 1, 2009 7:00 - 10:00 PM

"¡Chubasco!" exhibition dates: July 25 - September 12, 2009

Regular gallery hours: Friday and Saturday 1:00 - 5:00 PM or by appointment

Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop 218 E. 6th Street (1/2 block east of 6th St. & 6th Ave.) Tucson, AZ 85705 (520) 881-5335

Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery and Workshop is Tucson's only Latino based nonprofit cooperative contemporary art gallery located in the Downtown Historic Warehouse District

Arroyo Ink: book release!

This just in! I'll be releasing my fifth chapbook next month! ARROYO INK, poems by Logan Phillips, illustrations by Logan Phillips & Adam Cooper-Terán. Two years have passed since my last book was released, it's time for fresh! I'm excited for ARROYO INK to meet the world. ARROYO INK will be on sale online June 6th, 2009. Get your PayPal ready!

Central School Project presents


releasing his new book ARROYO INK with a spoken word performance & video art showcase. Bilingual poems from Mexico City, Cochise County, Central America and points beyond. One night only.

FRIDAY 05 JUNE 2009 Central School Project 43 Howell Ave. Bisbee, Arizona 7:30pm • all ages • uncensored donations requested • que vengan

Book signing and reception to follow performance.

¡LIMITED EDITION BOOKS ON SALE FOR FIRST TIME! Arroyo Ink available for purchase online June 6th

Logan Phillips: Verbobala Spoken Video: Central School Project:

Event on Facebook:

Online poster:

Poster for print:


Arizona April!

I'll be back in Arizona in April for another string of eclectic shows, I hope you can make it out! Video, DJ and poetry galore! New poems, new songs, revelry in general. All dates and details subject to change, please check back as the events approach.

  • Mon. 4/13, evening, Buena High School, Sierra Vista. Hosting and spoken word feature with Jasmine Cuffee and Carlos Contreras at the student poetry slam at BHS.
  • Tues. 4/14, morning, Buena High School, Sierra Vista. Workshopping with students. Closed to public, sorry!
  • Wed. 4/15, morning, Southside Community School, Tucson. Bilingual storytelling & workshopping with elementary kids! Closed to public, sorry!
  • Thurs. 4/16, evening, Bisbee. Solo spoken word and videoart showcase! More info coming soon.
  • Sat. 4/18, 9pm, Monte Vista Hotel Lounge, Flagstaff DJing with Emtron: Sonidero Verbobala, all the best dance music you may've never heard! More info here.

    sonidero verbobala in flagstaff, arizona

  • Mon. 4/20, Flagstaff Performing vocal samples with the loops & drums duo CLOUDPEOPLE.
  • Thurs. 4/23, 4pm, Rocket Gallery Tucson Solo spoken word feature at the "ARTivison" art reception as part of Tucson Youth Week. Rocket Gallery (270 E. Congress). Free.

    ARTivism with logan phillips


  • Thurs. 4/24, 10pm, Green Room Flagstaff DJing with Emtron: Sonidero Verbobala with Sambátuque.

Here is what has been happening in Mexico City lately: sonideros, the original Mexican street DJ's:

Los Peces del Viento

Este miércoles es la premiere del documental "Los Peces del Viento" del videoasta Wilfred Massamba. La obra se enfoca en dos poetas bilingües, el mexicano Mardonio Carballo (español-náhuatl) y el estadounidense Logan Phillips (español-inglés), en este estreno contaremos con la presencia de los dos y el grupo Bungalo Dub. Miércoles 11 de junio a las 20:00 hrs en la Alianza Francesa México, Sócrates #156 (esq. Homero), Col. Polanco, México D.F. La entrada es gratis.

This Wednesday is the premiere of the documentary "Los Peces del Viento" by filmmaker Wilfred Massamba. The work focuses on two bilingual poets, Mardonio Carballo (Mexico, Spanish-Náhuatl) and Logan Phillips (USA, English-Spanish). Both will be present at the event, along with the group Bungalo Dub.

Wednesday, June 11th 2008, 8pm at la Alianza Francesa México, Sócrates #156 (esq. Homero), Col. Polanco, Mexico City. Free.

LOS PECES DEL VIENTO Palabras, words, des mots... Mouvement poétique, social et culturel, le «slam» apparaît à Chicago dans les années 80. Basé sur la notion de communauté, le slam affirme le caractère démocratique de la poésie et lui ajoute une dimension de spectacle. Un documentaire de Wilfrid Massamba (52'). Los peces del viento…palabras, words ce ne sont que des mots. La parole se manifeste comme une expression des désirs, pensées, émotions, souffrances, aspirations…

San Antonio, TX: Puro Slam

Returning to feature solo at one of my favorite slams in the country! PuroSlam proudly presents Slam Journeyman Logan Phillips Atomix 1902 N. McCollough San Antonio, TX 78212 210-733-3855 Tuesday, May 6th, 2008, 9:30 pm $3

Update on the Arcosanti spoken word festival

Business / organizer stuff: This may or may not be of interest to general readers of this site, but if you've participated in the Slab City Slam / spoken word festival at Arcosanti in Arizona over the last seven years, you might be interested in these two letters explaining why the festival won't be held in 2008. Not what I had hoped for, but así es. The letters are here:

A Letter of Thanks to the AZ Poetry Community(s):


More than 8 years ago, three lovers of word collaborated on a mesa in Central Arizona to create a place and time for the Poetic Community(s) of our state to gather. The purpose was simple and stated: “Create a ‘neutral ground’ for poets and poetry groups to express, experience, and share outside of their normal venue and perception“.

For a year, Ira Murfin and Dan Seaman contacted, queried, listened, negotiated, brainstormed, and re-thought this process within all the groups and parameters that could foresee-ably be involved. The Arcosanti Spoken Word Festival & Slab City Slam was then born in 2001.

Many fantastic individuals stepped up to the task of helping produce this festival over its lifespan. Particular “thanks” to Jewel, Bob, Andre’, Christopher, Logan, Teresa, and the Arcosanti Community, et al.

Recently, an internationally circulated magazine ran a story which created concern for me about being involved with Arcosanti in the future (“O” July 2007, story by Margie Goldsmith). Further -- and similar -- information was brought forward in a long-time Arcosanti resident’s Live Journal (herteethflashfear Oct 8, 2007). Combined, these accounts reflect on what I can only conclude to be an environment of chauvinism, opportunistic sexism, authoritarian manipulation, and ongoing breaches of faith between artist and model from the highest level of representation at Arcosanti. That is my personal conclusion, from years of working with victims.

It can be said that I hold too high a standard to which I expect others to abide. However, it is the standard to which I hold myself as an artist: The model, subject, or student is not to be taken advantage of in any way, by the artist or teacher.

It can be said that I am too strongly influenced by having experienced a childhood in a single-parent upbringing in the 1950‘s and 60‘s, as my mother fought for her equal rights as an individual, rather than be subjected to a societal placement and continued degradation as “just another woman”.

Many things “can” be said, but this must be said: As organizers, promoters, and artists we have an obligation to our audience, our performers, our venue, and our selves to continue moving forward with positive social change… and to not ignore injustice for the sake of convenience. That’s just my opinion.

My most sincere love and thanks to all who have worked toward these goals through our Slab City Slam SpokenWord Festival, in the past. My best wishes to those who will continue on this path in the future. Until Women’s Rights are fully recognized there, I cannot allow myself to be involved with any festival at Arcosanti.

Dan Seaman Co-Creator/Organizer/emcee Slab City Slam 2001-2007

“… to do nothing, is to give approval”

January 8th, 2008

To the Arizona poetry community(s), past participants of the spoken word festival at Arcosanti,

Given that many people are asking, I thought it might be useful to give a little background of the organizational efforts that have taken place since the 2007 festival last May. I write this personally, not as a representative of the now-disbanded Advisory Board.

I was asked by Dan Seaman last summer to take over for him in hosting the Slab City Slam. After years of participating in the Festival, I felt that I was up to the task despite no longer living in Arizona, and had many ideas on how to grow and cultivate the Festival into a financially and organizationally sustainable event.

I asked six members of the statewide community to become an Advisory Board that would help me with the daunting task of creating a "New Festival" at Arcosanti to take up the torch. Dan Seaman, Ira Murfin, Jewel Blackfeather, Christopher Lane, Teresa Driver and Bob Nelson all accepted, having past involvement in organizing the Festival, and/or having extensive organizational experience in their local communities. I took on the role of director.

In my view, the Festival was never going to be held in 2008 unless we did something about it. Dan and other key organizers had made the choice to move on to other things, until they were convinced to stay on as Advisors. Additionally, the Festival has always been a grassroots, underground effort that operated without a budget, largely thanks to huge work put in by people like Jewel, Dan and Ira, among others. I think many people felt that 2007 was the "best year yet," it certainly seemed to me to be as far as the Festival could go without new organizational direction. It had simply gotten too big as it was.

For many who only participated in the Slab City Slam or attended the Festival, it was never evident that the entire event was usually organized on the backs and wallets of three or fewer key volunteers, who put in countless unpaid and under-recognized hours.

I spent the summer and fall with the Advisory Board exploring how to move forward: finding a new identity for the festival, investigating granting opportunities, promotion, budget, etc. It was clear that it was going to be a big task.

In the middle of that came the "O" magazine article referred to by Dan in his letter. As I learned more, it seemed to me that the incidents described were not isolated but rather indicative of an endemic issue at Arcosanti that had yet to be addressed in any meaningful way.

During the discussions on how to address the issue, and if we should move forward with a festival at Arcosanti, many key members of the Advisory Board resigned. This in turn lead to the dissolution of the Advisory Board that had formed last summer.

So what now? I'm not sure. It seems that a new beginning is in order, and it seems most appropriate to me that it happens somewhere besides Arcosanti. That is my personal view. I won't be directly involved in organizing any festival this year, where ever it may be. If invited to be involved by any future organizers / organizing committees, I would reevaluate at that time.

It has been a fantastic seven years, and I am truly thankful for even being able to see the Festival, let alone participate or help make it happen.

Thanks for the willingness to understand. Any questions about the above can be made to me directly, at 520.456.xxxx over the next week or at 520.413.xxxx thereafter.

logan phillips Former participant/organizer/emcee Slab City Slam 2002-2005, 2007

tour 2006

TOUR 2006

After being gone so long, it's time to see what this country of mine has been up to.

The 2006 Poetry Tour: 1 April 2006 — 6 June 2006. I’ll be coming through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado and California and performing at poetry slams, schools, retirement homes, radio stations and other venues. The main event of the tour will be the 2006 Austin International Poetry Festival, where I'm a featured poet. I'll be participating in readings, a slam and an interesting forum. The full schedule can be found on the tour page.

The shows on this tour are going to be a bit different from what I've done in the past. Fewer 3-minute slam poems and more of the unexpected. There's a lot of new work, there's been a lot of life lived since the last time I performed a poem.

Beyond Page vs. Stage: Slam Poetry as an Accessible Form

Ever heard the phrase "slam poetry isn't real poetry?"

Come explore that idea for yourself at a presentation given this Friday, April 22nd at 4:30pm at NAU's DuBois ballroom in Flagstaff. Local poet and NORAZ Poets advisory board member Logan Phillips will present slam poetry as a poetry form, as valid as the more well-known forms of sestinas, villanelles or haiku. Following the lecture, there will be a small panel discussion which will include Prescott poet and advisory board member Daniel H. Seaman.

Part of the 9th Annual Conference at the Peaks, presented by the Organization of Graduate Students of English, the presentation follows this year's theme of "The River of Words: Exploring Fluidity and Dynamism in Literature and Language." Hardly anything is as dynamic as slam poetry, a young form that has exploded across the nation over the last 20 years. So come out and explore the ideas surrounding poetry forms.

NORAZ Poets is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which promotes poetry and poetry events in NORthern AriZona. More information:

Presentation Abstract: Since it’s inception in the mid-1980’s, the competitive art of Poetry Slam has only continued to gain popularity, media exposure and momentum. This year, the fifteenth annual National Poetry Slam will be held just four hours from Flagstaff in Albuquerque, NM. This offers a unique opportunity for our thriving literary community to reflect on the influence and discourse of slam poetry here in Northern Arizona.

Our brief presentation, followed by a small panel discussion, will seek to debunk the “stage vs. page” myth by exploring the characteristics of slam poetry not as the opposite of “page poetry,” but rather as another poetry form. Equally as valid of a form as a sestina or sonnet, slam poetry draws on a long tradition of oral expression and is marked by specific characteristics which define it clearly. These characteristics include distinct uses of repetition, length, subject matter, and yes, even meter. Equally informed by hip-hop, popular culture, stand-up comedy, forensics and “traditional” poetry, slam is very visible and accessible, often acting as an entry point into the literary arts for those who may not have been exposed to them otherwise. This initial exposure often leads to further involvement in the literary community, as we will show using examples from our own area.

Far from being mutually exclusive, slam poetry and the more traditional literary arts stand to gain much from each other. Nowhere in poetry are popular culture and our society so clearly reflected, defined and critiqued as within slam. One could liken the young form to a flash flood entering the wider river of words, adding not only new audience and power, but also seeking to define itself and find its place within the flow of the literary arts.

A semifinal fuego

Así ando ya.

The final scores of the semi-final, finally semitasticallitious:
Semi-Final Champion: Logan Phillips
, #7 seed, 88.4
2nd: Sharkie Marado, #12 seed, 85.0
3rd: Aaron Johnson, #1 seed, 84.2
4th: Al Moyer, #3 seed, 82.0
5th: Ryan Guide, #14 seed, 80.1

6th: Kimmy Wilgus, #16 seed, 79.5
7th: Justin Powell, #8 seed, 79.4
8th: Sarah Knurr, #19 seed, 73.4
David Rogers "Doc" Luben, #9 seed, was unfortunately unable to attend the slam and will not compete this year for the Team NORAZ.
From the NORAZ Poets Grand Slam page

Saturday, April 23rd. The 2005 NORAZ Poetry Grand Slam. Be there.

Semifinals: April 1, Echale Leña

So word just came down on the 2005 NORAZ Semifinals: I'll be slamming in Sedona at the Canyon Moon Theatre a week from tomorrow: Friday, April 1st. This is going to be an absolute blast. Hearts will be broken, that's for sure, but nothing is for certain, which makes all of this so much fun. Get your tickets early, they'll sell out by early next week. Oh, and the one and only Danny Solis from Albuquerque will be the featured poet. He's one of my favorites, I've learned a lot from him. So come to Sedona! The full list:

April 1, at the Canyon Moon Theatre in Sedona o Sharkie Marado o Al Moyer o Sarah Knurr o Aaron Johnson o Kimmy Wilgus o Ryan Guide o Justin Powell o Logan Phillips o Doc Luben

April 12, at Studio One Eleven in Flagstaff o Greg Nix o Christopher Lane o Patrick DuHaine o Eric Larson o Christopher Fox Graham o Rowie Shebala o Lindsay Chamberlain o Meghan Jones