Colombia 2009

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“Colombia’s back” proclaims the travel guide Lonely Planet in its new introduction to the country. But back from what? The violent abyss of past decades? The cocaine-flavored stereotyping by foreigners? The guerilla forces that choked the highways like cholesterol? Well, yes, that’s what they mean. But how did it happen, and what’s changed? READ MORE...

Cuba 2006

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The second castle of the "New World," second statue of Columbus, the chalices of kings, gilded thrown that's never seen a holy ass, marble rooms where governments change with the swipe of pens, gold embossed caverns, build of marble shaped into a scale replica of the ambition of man.

A drowning Paris. A humid human maze. A history book written of towering words. The broken windows on the backsides of the monuments. Semitrucks hauling hundreds of humans, a sun actually built of fire, bodies built of naked flesh and sweat. Ay, compadre.

All fotos by logan phillips, 2006.