One Night And Your Hair

is everywhere: longblack
forget-me-nots tied in knots
around your pillow, in your sink,
in your kitchen, in your mirror.
It’s all yours now.

On your chest, between your toes,
under your nose and over your eyes,

It’s all yours now.
Laced with you,
graced with you,
thick traced with you,

etch-a-sketched with you,
wrapped in you,
hung torn breathed with you,

longblack you,
back to nails you,
one night you,
everything to do with you.

Your pillow, your mirror,
your kitchen, your sink,
your fingers and nose,
your chest and toes.

Rough, you left your hair
on what was once my pillow,
on what was once my chest,
in what was once my bed.

It’s all yours now.