The Legislation

A commission for a collaborative piece orchestrated by Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater Company and Flam Chen, debuted at Arcosanti, Arizona in May 2014.

Photo: Jonathan VanBallenberghe

Photo: Maureen Medina

Above photos: Warren Van Nest, Melissa Dickman

Dear legislative body,

I write to you today
from a body of work
made by a working body
one that you call lawful,
one that I call lawless.

Let me try to understand you:

A lawful body is an understandable body
All bodies are lawful
as long as they are profitable
unless one is making profit off one's body––
then that's unlawful.

In which case, 

I confess first to the charge of self-possession,
confusing neurons for galaxies, see I feel
infinitely big and infinitely small. 

Herein our misunderstanding:

where you see separation
I smell sweat mixing,
where you proclaim nomenclature
I lose self through skin.

Am I making myself understood?

When we touch,
a lawful trespassing
of lightning butterflies
in a goosebump jitter
across skinscape.

I will have you know

your body of laws
cannot contain our bodies––

We hereto proclaim a fearlessness, unafraid of
the vermillion wilderness we carry inside
tight to bone, held to heart and not to standard.

Let me be clear:

your doublespeak,
ennui & entendre
innuendo et cetera
of a corpus litigious
look at this nonvicious
cuerpo cabal e infinito
asinine acediast
with gavel lawful

your body of laws
your laws of the body
and insecure systems:

ningún cuerpo es ilegal,
el cuerpo es un regalo húmedo
y fosforescente,
nuestra obra es santa
y la tuya podrida,

Dear sir,

we declare ourselves legal
we write our own papers
we love the bodies we will
we dance exonerated 

In conclusion,

I cannot tell where I end
and you begin.