Poems by Logan Phillips. 2004.

Poems written in Flagstaff, Arizona and in the Mexican states of Querétaro, Oaxaca and Chiapas.


  1. She Asked the Sun Why and the Sun Said Shine

  2. ¿Sin Voz?

  3. Be Obvious and Just Call Her Arizona

  4. The Hand That Feeds You Fruit

  5. Matches

  6. A Vision of Practical Flight

  7. 12 Things That You Need to Know About Mexico

  8. Times They Did Not A-Change

  9. Estos Dos del Sol

  10. Scarlet

  11. Sol Dice Brilla

  12. My Bike Got Stolen and I’m Gonna Write a Three Part Poem Damnit

  13. I Want To See the Real Desert

  14. Las Flaming Botas de José Miguel

  15. The Tiny Blue Rapper

  16. By The Equator So

  17. ¿Sin Voz?

  18. Contents of Backpack 3 May 2003

  19. This Battlerap Is a Prayer

  20. And By the Time It Was Dark the Children Were Nothing But Water

  21. Four A.M. Dirt Secret Red (waiting on the El)

  22. Heaped Up Her Secrets in a Smelly Pile

  23. Había un Hombre Allí

  24. Economics in Mexico

Illustrations by Pedro Día. Photos by Logan Phillips.