This Poem Writes the Ink. NYC

Gadsden in Sestina. Performed on the Arizona / Mexico border for Culture/Strike.

"Tucson Poem." Performed at the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam.

Canto Rillito (with Bats under Bridges). Commissioned poem for the Rillito River Project, Tucson. Performed with Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theater Co.

The Boy's Pockets. Vancouver 2013.

Dissentiments of the Nation. Original poem in Spanish by poet Javier Raya of Mexico City (2012). Versioned into Spanglish and performed by Logan Phillips.

La Viejita de Sonora. Performed with Verbo•bala Spoken Video, Mexico City.

Fair Warning (Yonder Dinosaurs Cometh). Performed at the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam


DJ Dirtyverbs demo. More info here.


Excerpt from a performance installation by logan phillips. the NoVOGRAFÍAS series is an ongoing exploration of the somatic experience of writing a poem. presented in at the Central School Project, Bisbee, Arizona. 2011.

Performance art demo. Excerpts from: Border Remixeado by Verbo•bala Spoken Video Bowery Poetry Club, NYC MACLA, San Jose, CA Transfix by Vessel performed by Logan Phillips conceived by Rachel Bowditch Imperial Dunes, CA. Phoenix, AZ. Solo spoken word louderARTS Bar13, NYC fotografía: ART FOTOVIDEO Logan Phillips DOCUMENTACIÓN Nayla Altamirano Claudia Ayala Adam Cooper-Terán Niel Gearns Alex Oliszewski Ariana Perez Moisés Regla