Back from the road & a special place in NM

Let's put it this way: On the long drive home from Ft. Worth to Flagstaff, I spent the night in a little place that likes to call itself LOGAN, NEW MEXICO. Let's get it straight: my fancy pants atlas said it was right off the freeway about 20 miles, and I couldn't let myself miss the opportunity for rockin' Logan paraphernalia and signage, such as:

The Logan Gun Club The Logan Senior Center Logan Liquors & Smokes Logan Association for Associated Buggery

Alright, so only the first two really existed. But I went into the quaintest antique shop on the quarter-mile strip, YESTERDAY'S TREASURE (big shout out to Martha, holla!) looking for Logan postcards. Martha, Owner-and-Operator, let me know that unfortunately there were NO LOGAN POSTCARDS. "Wait," she said, "I might have something..." We walk to the back of the store. "Oh no, I thought this cane said 'Logan' on it, but looks like it only says 'Ute Lake'." Lady, I didn't want no cane anyway. I let her know that the entire town was missing out on a unique tourist opportunity (Logans), bought a 6 pack of Corona, drank them alone and backfloated in aforementioned Ute Lake.

There has been a lot going on, but not much of it has made it to the website. I'll start posting more soon.

Thanks to all you crazy kids who made tour a knock-down, drag-out affair, les agradezco mucho. No names needed, you know who you are, now come to Flagtown and let me return the favor...