A ROCKIN' NIGHT OF NEVER-BEFORE-HEARD POEMS... *********** THE FLAGSLAM & The Virgin Ink Challenge featuring CORBET DEAN WEDNESDAY October 12, 2005 now at THE HIVE (319 S. San Francisco St.) sign-up 7:30, slam @ 8:00pm, $2 admission, all-ages Adult language & themes, hosted by Logan Phillips ***********

This week we're challenging new and old poets alike: bring the new. Yes, we're calling it the VIRGIN INK CHALLENGE: We want the the freshest, flamin'-est verse in that notebook of yours, and we want it performed with glory to a hundred people packed in the Hive. This is a great chance for new poets to take the stage for the their first slam and for vet poets to unveil the new secret weapons.

And you've not heard poems like those of our featured poet, CORBET DEAN of Mesa... that is, unless you caught his raw feature at the FlagSlam exactly one year ago. Don't let his day job of being a police officer fool you: DEAN speaks raw humanity to audiences all over the nation, finishing second at the 2002 National Poetry Slam. Come for the new poems, stay to hear CORBET DEAN's feature, which you won't forget.


SUGAR, CAFFEINE & VERSE: Munchies, beverages and underground merchandise will be on sale. Bring the dolla billz.

POETS: Sign-up is in the back room of the Hive from 7:30 to 7:45 sharp. 15 poets will compete in the slam, and this is how they'll be picked: the first 7 poets to sign-up are automatically in the slam. Everyone that signs up after that will have their name put in a hat, from which we will draw 8 names. That makes 15 poets total. Be sure to bring three of your original poems. This is the most fair system we've been able to come up with, if you have suggestions, reply to this email, or better yet, come to a volunteer meeting: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 6-7pm @ The Hive.

*********** POETRY WRITING WORKSHOP & OPEN MIC Not digging the competition, or want to polish your work outside of the slam? Check this out: every Monday at the Campus Coffee Bean (1800 S. Milton) bring multiple copies of a poem to workshop with a small, supportive group. Free & open to all. Workshop @ 7pm sharp, Open Mic @ 8pm.

FLAGSLAM VOLUNTEER COUNCIL Want to get involved? Good, cause we need you! All are welcome to our biweekly meetings where we decide how the FlagSlam is run, who we want to feature & a whole lot more. 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 6-7pm @ The Hive. ***********

QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS? You're welcome to reply to this email.

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