Poems by Logan Phillips. 2007.


This book is composed of work from 2006 and early 2007, written between Arizona and Paris, Cuba and Tejas, Chiapas and Ireland, Andalucía and Los Ángeles, London and Cobán, Guatemala. It was edited and designed during one week in Cuernavaca, Morelos and Mexico City; printed in Flagstaff, Arizona. 


  1. Where Do Airplanes Build Their Nests?

  2. Taxco, Something in the Sky

  3. Dispatch From the Horizon

  4. Moon Falling From Cuban Sky 

  5. The Old Man Rides an Old Bicycle

  6. Todos Santos, Presentes

  7. The Cuban Writers’ Union

  8. Paris Gossip I – IV Names for This

  9. Candle at Two A.M.

  10. Rechazasoles Diez Puestas

  11. Canto Mosquito 

  12. Pantoum Revolution I – II

  13. Tell Me You’ll Never See Her Again 

  14. The Rattle-Thumbs Battle Prayer

  15. Arizona Freeway Sunrise

  16. Jesús Lying Beneath the Subway 

  17. London Gossip I – III

  18. Arnold Duncan Doesn’t Live Here 

  19. Fair Warning

  20. Granada Gossip I

  21. Morelos Gossip I (Zapata’s Silver)