What They Left Behind

Huachuca Mountains, southeastern Arizona

Gallon jug left by migrants

They were here, but they're gone now. All that's left to remember their passing is the piles of discarded items brought with them from Mexico: toothbrushes, jackets, endless water bottles, Red Bull cans, cosmetics, a McDonald's hat, worn shoes, blankets, underwear, bras, diapers, broken mirrors, perscription drugs, Jumex cans, and black plastic bags.

They've also left questions, though these can't be seen and aren't often asked. Why were they taking pain medication? Why are all the backpacks that were left behind ripped near the bottom? Where do these people live now? North Carolina? Toluca? Michoacan? How old was the child that wore these pants? Why have they left so much behind?

This stuff has been here awhile, now wet with melting snow and covered in decaying brown leaves. There are no answers here.

Trash left by migrants Trash left by migrants.

A child's pants left by migrants A child's pants.

A shirt left by migrants A tshirt.

Upper Brown Caynon Upper Brown Canyon, Huachuca Mountains

San Pedro River Valley Sierra Vista and the San Pedro River Valley as seen from Brown Canyon