This Line Drawn Across Footprints cover

After three years and four hundred copies of my last book, "Sun Said Shine," I'm excited to say that I will have two new books released at the 4/20 Spoken Word Showcase in Flagstaff, AZ on April 20th.

The first book is "This Line Drawn Across Footprints," and is a compilation of work from 2004-2005 including many form poems and other pieces that were in heavy rotation during the 05 and 06 tours. 44 pages long, 16 poems and brand-new Spanish translations of 4. Pedro Día returns to offer more of his acclaimed illustration work.

Only two hundred copies will be printed this time. Price will be right around $7. Due to still living in Mexico, there are no plans to offer the book for sale online at the moment, maybe that will happen in July.

Here's a list of the poems:

  1. Gadsden in Sestina
  2. Arizonan Ghazels
  3. In Ciudad Júarez, They Say the Night is a Thief
  4. Fabulous, or Where Costs Are Way Far Down
  5. La Conquista Still Unfinished, the Priest Climbed
  6. The Boy's Pockets
  7. Morning of February 21, 2005
  8. I Confuse the Dead Man,
  9. Michael's Fever
  10. This Poem Ate it All
  11. What He Dreams of in His Coma
  12. Fausto Arellano
  13. La Viejita de Sonora
  14. Eight-Year-Old Slinky Falling Down Stairs
  15. Three Times el Búho Speaks
  16. Silverfish

italicized poems in Spanish and English

More info on the other new book soon! Yay!