Where Do Airplanes Build Their Nests? cover

Ok, this is it. After a ten day binge of editing and designing, I've finished the second new book: "Where Do Airplanes Build Their Nests?" It hit the presses as of today and will be on sale in Flagstaff at the 4/20 Spoken Word Showcase.

This one is a lot different from both "Sun Said Shine" and "This Line Drawn Across Footprints"---Airplanes includes a lot of my photography. It's a little like "If My Soul Were Metal" for those who remember back that far. All new poems, 2006-2007, nothing older than 15 months. Actually, a couple of the poems are just a few weeks old. All were written on the run, in Spain, France, London, Ireland, Guatemala, all over Mexico, the Southwest US and Cuba. Most of them have never been performed or published before.

So, 44 pages, 23 all-new poems, photography, and design. I'm excited & can't wait for you to see it. Though there's a bit of Spanish, there wasn't any room for translations this time. Soon I'd like to put out a book completely in Spanish instead. 200 copies will be available, and they probably won't last long.

Where Do Airplanes Build Their Nests?, my forth chapbook:

  1. Where Do Airplanes Build Their Nests?
  2. Taxco, Something in the Sky
  3. Dispatch From the Horizon
  4. Moon Falling From Cuban Sky
  5. The Old Man Rides an Old Bicycle
  6. Tell Me You'll Never See Her Again
  7. The Rattle-Thumbs Battle Prayer
  8. Arizona Freeway Sunrise
  9. Jesús Lying Beneath the Subway
  10. London Gossip I – III
  11. Arnold Duncan Doesn't Live Here
  12. Fair Warning
  13. Granada Gossip I
  14. Morelos Gossip I (Zapata's Silver)
  15. Canto Mosquito
  16. Pantoum Revolution I – II
  17. Rechazasoles
  18. Diez Puestas
  19. Todos Santos, Presentes
  20. The Cuban Writers' Union
  21. Paris Gossip I – IV
  22. Names for This
  23. Candle at Two A.M.
illustration from the book Where Do Airplanes Build Their Nests? by logan phillips